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Donate to North Helpline

Ensure our neighbors are fed and healthy.

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"When something unexpected happens, I'm able to get the help I need."

Thank you for joining us in working to make sure that our neighbors have food on the table and a roof overhead. In these unprecedented times, your donation makes it possible for us to be as flexible as necessary in addressing emerging needs.

We at North Helpline have been in the unique position of seeing our community take responsibility and be there for one another during this pandemic. We are so grateful for all the ways you have shown your support.

Our neighbors whom we serve have shown incredible patience while our services have grown. We have added measures to protect our community, and our neighbors have embraced them with grace and understanding that they are necessary to keep our community healthy and fed.

We are here to serve the entire community at North Helpline, where neighbors can make sure their family’s needs are met and are treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for being there for your neighbors.